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Name That Brand:

Can you identify these brands just by seeing one letter of their logo?

This quiz will tests whether brand recall exists without a brand's defining characteristic—its name. Easy, right?

As for designers and marketers, this answers the question of: Is your brand identity so strong that people can identify it merely from its typeface or font, without seeing the name?

The letters in the pictures are not always the first letter of the company.

After identifying the letter of that logo, hover over the pictures with your mouse to see if you're correct. Are you a logo genius?

Answer Key:

A). A&W
B). Baskin Robbins
C). Cartoon Network
D). Duncan Donuts
E). EA Sports
F). Ford
G). Google
H). Hardee's
J). Journeys
K). Kelloggs  
L). Levi’s
M). H&M
N). Nestle
O). Oakland
P). Pintrest 
Q). Quiznos
R). Ray-ban
S). Star Wars
T). T-Mobile
U). U-Haul
V). Vans 
W). Wii  
X). Xbox
Y). Yahoo
Z). Zaxby’s