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For an undergrad course at UWA, I was put in a group with two other students. We were assigned a struggling company and budget to determine and create the best way to increase sales and knowledge of the newest product. Along with research and ad mockups, I also did the layout and design of our final booklet. 

Media Objective

Promotions will focus on national advertisement due to the different outlets that are being targeted. To reach a larger audience, promotions will be run on a variety of TV and radio stations, as well as magazines and social media.

Spending Objective

The three campaigns that will run will remain under budget and will focus on national television, radio commercials, social media posts, and magazine advertisements. 

Advertising Objective

The promotions will increase the knowledge of the company and capabilities that the product includes.

Media Mix

Because there are few current GoPro advertisements, the goal for this campaign, with the budget listed, is to increase awareness of the brand and show that the products can be used by more than those just seeking adventure. Most of the budget will be used on national television commercials but will increase revenue with the partnerships with Southwest Airlines and  Patagonia. 


research, graphic design, page layout


Emma Powell, Sarah Miles


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