Zone Magazine, a student produced magazine, is published and distributed annually at The University of West Alabama’s Homecoming game. In 2019, the editor wanted me to change the focus of the cover from one sport to encompassing all campus sports. Our vision was to still spotlight football (as the publication is handed out at their game) but also include every sport as they are featured in the stories within the publication’s pages. Along with the cover, I created the layout and design assets with a consistent design to ensure the magazine stayed on brand.



UWA Athletic Red

Hex: #D11E31

C=12% M=100% Y=89% K=2%


Hex: #000000

C=0% M=0%   

Y=0% K=100%



C=0% M=0%       Y=0% K=0%

Attention to Detail

When designing the cover, my process included identifying striking photos of each sport and making sure they appropriately laid out in conjunction with the other players. I added pops of red to insure the viewer sees all of the sports rather than skimming the big picture. The subtle background keeps the focus on the player while adding intensity to the overall mood.   


cover design, page layout


Ellie Mckenzie, Taylor Donato